Creditor Rights

If someone owes you money and you received notice as a creditor that they have filed bankruptcy, it is extremely important that you do not ignore the notice and act quickly to preserve your rights as a creditor.  The Bankruptcy Code contains very strict deadlines and if you fail to timely file your Proof of Claim or objection to confirmation or discharge, you will be forever barred from pursing your claim.  Therefore, it is extremely important to seek legal counsel before your rights expire.

If you are a creditor, we can assist with:

  • Filing a Proof of Claim
  • Obtaining relief from the automatic stay to continue an action to collect on a secured debt
  • Represent you at the debtor’s 341 Meeting of Creditors
  • File an adversary proceeding to object to the discharge
  • File an objection to confirmation of a Chapter 11 or 13 Plan
  • Monitor the case and protect your interests

If you need assistance in collecting a debt from a person or company who has filed for bankruptcy, we are happy to meet with you to discuss you rights and options and determine the viability of your claim in the bankruptcy court.