Employment Law

Overtime, Wage and Hour, and Minimum Wage

Employee overtime compensation, wage and hour, and minimum wage compensation requirements are protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). At Icard Merrill, our knowledgeable and experienced employment law attorneys assist employees unfairly and illegally denied overtime compensation, who experienced deductions or withholdings of pay reducing wages below minimum wage, were required to perform off the clock work, or improperly classified as “on-call” hourly employees.

One of the more common ways that employers violate the FLSA is the misclassification of employees to render them “exempt” from overtime. Icard Merrill’s employment law attorneys possess a thorough understanding of the legal and practical nuances associated with employee classification, seeing beyond mere titles to the true nature of employment. This keen appreciation enables our attorneys to provide misclassified employees with knowledgeable and effective representation and assist these clients and others to recover the wages, compensation, and other wrongfully denied remuneration they deserve.

Icard Merrill’s employment law department’s representation includes defending employers under investigation by the Department of Labor or federal court lawsuits premised on unpaid overtime, wage and hour issues, including minimum wage requirements, wage misclassification, exempt and non-exempt employee misclassification, improper independent contractor status, and related issues. Businesses rely on us for counseling and training regarding FLSA policies and compliance, wage reduction policies, wage review, and appropriate wage and employee classification. The in-depth experience of our employment law team and comprehensive knowledge of governing federal and state employment laws translates into practical advice on ways to achieve compliance while meeting business objectives.