Mortgage Foreclosures

Mortgage Foreclosures

In keeping with our firm’s commitment to provide wide-ranging legal representation, Icard Merrill’s accomplished real estate attorneys regularly advise clients regarding all facets of mortgage law, as well as real estate lending and finance. These comprehensive areas of counsel include:

  • Drafting and recording loan, mortgage, and related documents for real property owners and lenders
  • Advising clients on the existence and impact of real property liens
  • Resolving lien, encumbrance, and other clean title obstructions
  • Performing all other functions related to mortgage law

In addition to financing and refinancing, we assist clients with securing second mortgages, lines of credit, modifications, workouts, and short sales. When needed, Icard Merrill’s accomplished representation extends to a wide range of mortgage litigation and foreclosure issues. Our knowledgeable mortgage law attorneys assist clients facing challenges requiring judicial intervention, including mortgage assumptions, forbearance and repayment agreements, and deeds in lieu of foreclosure.

If you need experienced counsel who understand the complexities of Florida’s mortgage laws, contact us to schedule a consultation with an experienced mortgage law attorney.


As moratoriums end, foreclosure is going to become a reality for some people who can’t make the required payments. Being informed can help alleviate the fear about what lies ahead. Attorney Mark Martella shares an overview of the foreclosure process and what to expect.