We understand that our clients need us during some of the more critical decisions of their lives – purchasing or selling real property, forming or selling a business, planning for their estates, defending or bringing a lawsuit, adopting a child, relocating a professional practice, developing a condominium or subdivision project, borrowing money for business or personal reasons, or rezoning property to reflect changes in use and demographics. These and many other events can alter the course of lives and businesses, and our lawyers are dedicated to ushering clients through these significant life occurrences with excellent legal advice and counseling.

Our firm is honored to be trusted with these critical issues and approach each client’s legal concerns with a commitment to integrity and high-quality legal advice every step of the way. We maintain high scholastic and ethical standards for our lawyers and continuously broaden our knowledge in order to best serve our expanding base of clients.

Icard Merrill’s dedication to our clients is matched only by our commitment to the community. Our lawyers and staff work diligently to improve the communities in which we work and live, spending countless hours each year supporting organizations that maintain and enrich the lives of residents and visitors alike. In all aspects of our practice – and in our community leadership – the lawyers of Icard Merrill make a commitment to integrity and excellence. We make a firm commitment to you.


Icard Merrill delivers innovative and effective legal solutions
through dedicated and caring professionals.



We maintain superior standards of quality and achievement. We do what we say we will do.

Commitment - Icard Merrill Values


We engage our best efforts for
the success of the organization.

Excellence - Icard Merrill Values


We adhere to ethical principles and strive to be free from bias and injustice.



We embrace a hopeful and constructive mindset and treat others the way we want to be treated.
__The Golden Rule


We work together in our development, problem solving & achievement to accomplish a shared purpose.

Teamwork - Icard Merrill Values


We give back and fulfill community
needs and expectations.

Community Service - Icard Merrill Values

The goal of our firm has always been – and continues to be:
“To conduct a sophisticated law practice with an outstanding reputation for honesty and integrity, as well as legal capability.”
          — Founding Partner Thomas F. Icard