Thank you so much, (Diana), for all of the extra work and effort you put into completing the sale of our Florida Home.

The job was way more than expected it to be, and you went ABOVE AND BEYOND expectations to get the deal done.

D.J., Client

Worth Graham and Heather Robarts

Thank you so much to Worth Graham and Heather Robarts for all your help and making our whole situation so much less stressful! God bless you both. I would highly recommend Worth!

In this day of people not being professional or considerate, Worth and Heather have both of these qualities and much more. Worth was extremely honest, straightforward but at the same time caring. We were never confused or unsure of what was happening or what the possible outcomes might be. He was also very punctual in his phone calls to us and answered our emails right away. 

Heather was also very professional but also caring, always available for any questions I might have. She even answered one of my emails on the weekend! 

We will highly recommend your firm.

Anita and Tony

Anthony Manganiello and Renee Grek

Thank you to Anthony Manganiello and Renee Grek for all of your hard work, patience, and persistence regarding my case. The outcome has truly changed my life, to the point that I have been moved by happy tears. I hope I never have to deal with personal injury again, but if I do, you will be my first phone call. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!


I’d like to compliment you all on, and thank you for your pressionally executed services on the recent sale of my home in Temple Terrace.

The service was flawless throughout the process, and I’d like to specifcally mention the help of Ms. Maryann at the Enterprise Circle location, with whom I dealt directly.

D.W., Client

Meghan O’Connell and Tyler Brown

I hired your firm to represent me in what was turning into a difficult case to retrieve a sizable amount of funds resulting from a stop payment on a check issued through a bank I had an account with for many years. It was obvious to me I needed a powerhouse legal firm with knowledge in banking issues and clout with banking policies and law.

I contacted your firm and was directed to Meghan O’Connell and Tyler Brown, two relatively new to your firm, but with obvious energy and determination to roll up their sleeves and get this matter-of- fact issue resolved with speed.

I was highly impressed with Meghan and Tyler’s research, their determination to resolve this situation in a rapid manner since lack of these funds was causing a financial hardship. Their understanding of the facts, their planned strategy, their directness and firm stance with the bank’s attorney finally brought about a favorable response to settle this matter as quickly as possible.

After 6 weeks, we had our agreement signed, and I received a cashier’s check for the full amount of my funds. These are the facts, and I am highly impressed with the professionalism Meghan and Tyler showed throughout this process.

Both Meghan and Tyler were determined to get the job done in a highly professional yet congenial manner, they displayed staying focused brings about positive results. As a retired corporate executive, I clearly recognize dedication to clients and loyalty to their firm’s mission. I compliment Icard Merrill for recognizing the talent that resides in Meghan and Tyler. Your firm smartly hired two recent grads who carry the spirit, the smarts, and take their responsibility to their client very seriously. I see a very bright future for both Meghan and Tyler, and Icard Merrill is lucky to have both of them on the team.


Lindsey Meshberger

Lindsey Meshberger did a masterful job representing me in my divorce case. She was well-prepared, organized and highly professional. Her staff was also exemplary. I would highly recommend her for anyone needing an excellent Family Law Attorney!


Lindsey Meshberger and Kathie Summa

I greatly appreciate all Lindsey Meshberger and Kathie Summa did to help me through an uncomfortable and overwhelming process.

You guys are amazing!

Family Law Client

Lindsey Meshberger and Kathie Summa

I really appreciate Lindsey and Kathie. Thank you very much for everything.


Telese Zuberer

Telese, I cannot thank you enough for your easy manor and your expertise at our meeting. It was really great to see how deftly you handled the questions and concerns from residents and your mastery of the documents. Thank you for being there!

Nancy Pollock, President, RioMar at Sarasota Residents' Association

Telese Zuberer

Telese, you are really good! Thanks for taking the time today. While much of (your presentation) must have seemed like Condo Reserves Law 101 in monosyllables for pre-school children, it was enormously helpful to us. Not to mention the great commercial time-outs – you put the commercials on the Super Bowl to shame!

Jonathan Barnett, Treasurer, Terrace East Condo Association

Bianca Manos

Bianca Manos restored hope for me when I didn’t have any left. I had originally hired another well-known and respected attorney within the legal community which resulted in excessive billing and no movement in my divorce for 2 years. Bianca not only brought my case to a close in less than 6 months, but she passionately advocated for me when I didn’t have any fight left. She remained calm and empathetic throughout all our encounters, was ALWAYS responsive, and I was consistently kept in the loop regarding responses from opposing counsel, filings, etc. I was also provided with clear, sound, practical legal advice for any questions I had. There were no empty promises made. Bianca remained honest and true to the end. I can say without hesitation, if you choose Bianca Manos as your attorney, then you will truly be in the best possible hands without a doubt.


Jordy Riccardi

Jordan Riccardi recently helped me to establish a trust. We met several times during this process, and each time I found him to be readily available. He is very congenial, kind, and easily understood what needed to be done. He worked efficiently with me to reach my goals and to provide me with peace of mind.


Alyssa Nohren

A special thank you to Alyssa Nohren for helping guide me through during a rough time after my Mom passed away.  I appreciate the human kindness.


Kelly Causey and Patricia Barron

As the owner of Suarez Home & Finance Corp., I worked with Kelly and her assistant Patricia. They both helped to get the closing to the table smoothly and on time. We greatly appreciate your help in getting our client into her new home. We look forward to future closings!

Chris-Chrissy and Andy Suarez

Jordy Riccardi

I give Jordan Riccardi the highest grades for professionalism and efficiency in delivering estate planning advice and documentation.


Jordy Riccardi

My wife and I relocated from MA to Sarasota and needed to have our estate plans, medical proxies, and wills reviewed and updated in compliance with FL law. We have met three times with Jordan Riccardi. We found him and his staff very friendly and competent. Particularly important he was upfront about fees and future expectations. I give Jordy five stars.


Very good law office with easy access and knowledge personnel.


Bianca Manos

I cannot say enough regarding Bianca’s fulfillment while working on my family’s case. Her advice during the initial consultation was direct and well supported. Her timeliness for all communications along with the clarity of the information helped reassure us that we were working in the right direction. I believe our case was a one off and obtained fairly new avenues for everyone in the Family Law field. The research she conducted and interpretation of the laws combined with the outcome of our case leaves me to say that Bianca Manos is a Subject Matter Expert in her field.


Jordy Riccardi

Jordan was very knowledgeable and always responsive to my needs. Even though the case was small, I felt like Jordan always treated me as if I was one of his biggest clients. Thank you for your prompt and professional attention!


Kelly Causey and the Lakewood Ranch team

Thank you to Teresa, Janette, Kelly and the rest of the team at Icard Merrill for such a great closing for our sellers… top notch service!

Wes Eaves, Like It Realty

Patrick Seidensticker

What an amazing, dedicated, and talented firm! I have a lot of experience using several law firms for various issues over the last three years, and I was very impressed with this firm. I had the pleasure of working with Patrick Seidensticker on a complicated and scary issue with one of my properties. The issue was resolved as quickly as possible, limiting my legal fees, while also being extremely thorough. I highly recommend Patrick and Icard Merrill.


Jaime Wallace and Staff

I worked with Jaime Wallace for a year on my case. She provided me hope and an educated plan through her expertise, experience, intellect, and compassion. Her advice and plan of action was always in the best interest of me and my future. Jaime and her paralegal Ginnine exceeded my expectations and brought me calmness during the storm and I highly recommend their services as you are treated with respect and compassion during a very difficult time.


Jaime Wallace

Jaime Wallace recently handled my extremely complicated divorce case. Without reservation, I will say Ms. Wallace performed with outstanding professionalism, exceptional expertise, and kind understanding over a long and arduous process. Every expectation was communicated accurately and as promised.. She identified and utilized available resources both inside and outside the firm. Her knowledge of family law gave me comfort that I was well represented. A fair and equitable result is proof of her outstanding performance and high standards. Ms.Wallace was recommended to me by a lawyer at another firm. Needless to say, I owe a sincere thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I highly recommend Ms. Wallace to anyone requiring family law services and Icard Merrill for all of your legal needs.


John Waskom and Staff 

This firm is really great!! John Waskom and his assistant Gulim (Bugayev) have been just awesome. My mother passed away and I found myself in need of a probate lawyer. My mom’s lawyer that drew up her will wanted right at $4,000. I was devastated as there wasn’t money in the estate for that and personally didn’t have that kind of money. I, myself, was going through some very tough times. I had to reach out for help through legal aid. Mr. Waskom responded and took my case pro-bono and has done everything through the mail because I didn’t have a vehicle. I could never thank him and Gulim enough.


Tony Manganiello and Staff

I highly recommend my attorney, Anthony Manganiello, at this law firm! Your issue or problem is their top priority and you will always receive prompt and knowledgeable responses. Attorney Manganiello and his staff (Renee & Lauren) were extremely kind to me, they always listened, and they delivered 100% on their promise. I felt fortunate to have this kind of representation and do not hesitate to contact their office. Thanks to all these amazing people!


Jordy Riccardi and Staff

When my Mom died unexpectedly, I turned to Icard Merrill, as they wrote her will. While I knew nothing about them and had no prior contact with them, I was impressed that Jordy and and his assistant Cindy (Burke) were able to retrieve the will and a living trust filed over 10 years prior from their archives. Given there was essentially nothing in my Mom’s estate, I needed someone to work with me to efficiently guide me on a viable do-it-yourself approach to apply for small estate probate. I was impressed that Jordy was willing and able to that. As a former mediator, I’ve worked with many attorneys and can attest that Jordy and Cindy went above and beyond the norm with their compassionate yet practical approach, well-tailored to my specific needs. They are the kind of attorney I would most want to recommend to my mediation clients seeking competency and fair treatment. If I have need of an attorney for estate planning in Florida, I would definitely consider contacting Jordy before I’d consider anywhere else.


Telese Zuberer

Thank you very much for your assistance regarding a sensitive issue. A good result when all parties are happy. Look forward to working with you in the future.

Keith, The Inlets Board of Directors

Robert Messick

Robert Messick worked with me on a real estate transaction and I cannot say enough about his professionalism and efficiency. He does what he says and completely exceeded my expectations. I was well appraised and his assistant was wonderful. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you for everything!


Jordy Riccardi

My husband and I contracted Jordy Riccardi for estate planning. From the moment we met with Jordy, he was very thorough and made sure to cover everything we needed. Estate planning is not the most enjoyable process and can be overwhelming, but Jordy made it super easy and answered all of our questions. We were able to ask him any question or ask him to revise something over e-mail and he changed and responded promptly! He made time for us when we both could make it to his office after work and stayed late for us on several occasions. My husband and I were very happy with Jordan “Jordy” J. Riccardi and would recommend him!


Steve Rees

On behalf of the Nokomis Fire Department, I want to thank you so much for your effort in helping resolve this ordinance issue for us. It is very obvious you were the right person to handle this for so many reasons including your knowledge of Sarasota County ordinances, helping write the interpretation, and knowing who to work with in the County. Your intimate knowledge of fire service workings and effort for our Department did not go unnoticed.

Mike, Nokomis Fire Department

Telese Zuberer

Thank you for the letter that you sent. Our condominium association board members felt the tone matched exactly how they felt about the incident. The results were equally satisfying to the board. We all feel that you have helped us eliminate a potentially dangerous situation in the building with the least amount of difficulty.


Jordy Riccardi

We recently contacted Jordan Riccardi for estate planning, in part based on posted reviews. Our experience with him was excellent. He is warm, friendly, and clearly well versed in his field. He immediately put us at ease and made the rather grim prospect of estate planning almost fun. He was also able to set up an LLC for our rental property. He discussed his fees openly and up front so there would be no surprises. We were very pleased with the experience and the resulting documents. We would strongly recommend him to anyone.

Steve & Nancy

Telese Zuberer

Thank you very much for the effort you put forth in getting my deposit back from the construction company. The check has cleared and I am relieved. I will certainly contact you again if I am ever in need of legal services and am pleased to recommend you to others.


Tad Drean

My husband and I had a long, two year, exhausting guardianship battle in probate court. Over and over we were dragged back to court and through the mud. We were powerless but our Attorney, Tad Drean, from Icard Merrill was our hero! He was continuously impressive, professional, respectful and well spoken. He got the job done against all odds and we are happy to report it ended in our favor. Thank you Tad! You’re the best!


Jordy Riccardi and Staff

Attorney Jordan Riccardi was highly recommended to me by a friend. At our first meeting I was immediately put at ease. Jordan is a very personable, kind, and knowledgeable young attorney. He clearly explained (in detail) every legal document, paying attention to my wishes, many questions and concerns. Attorney Riccardi and his office staff (Cindy Burke) provided a pleasant experience through the entire process. My estate planning and appropriate legal documents were timely prepared exactly to my expectations and wishes. Jordan makes himself available for further counsel, questions and concerns. I definitely recommend Attorney Jordan Riccardi for legal counsel and legal needs in his field of expertise.


Jordy Riccardi

We originally met with one of the senior attorneys at Icard Merrill. After our initial meeting, we were told our information would be reviewed by one of their young associates as there appeared to be some debatable areas which needed to be addressed and researched. This young attorney was Jordan Riccardi. Jordan exceeded our expectations for our legal needs in every way. His correspondence with me was carefully thought out and articulate. The final documents were exceptional. They stated exactly what we hoped to achieve. Should we have any legal needs in the future we would not hesitate to ask for Jordan.


Jordy Riccardi

I would like to acknowledge with gratitude and respect, the assistance afforded me by Jordan Riccardi. The unexpected loss of my husband left me with the daunting task of settling an extremely complicated estate, as well as assorted business and personal matters. Much to my benefit, Jordan was given my case. I found him to be kind and sensitive to my situation, and the consummate professional. Emails and phone calls were returned in a timely manner. His knowledge of the law was evident from the outset, and Jordan always explained things in a way that cut through complicated “legalese.” Jordan was a tireless advocate on my behalf, undaunted by any challenge that arose. With persistence and talent, he was able to resolve all matters and grant me peace of mind.


Jordy Riccardi

Working with Mr. Riccardi was very pleasant and professional. Answered all my questions timely and had excellent follow-through. Thanks!


Jordy Riccardi

Mr. Riccardi did my probate when my wife died. He explained everything that I needed to know. Did it quickly and did a very good job. I was very satisfied with his work. I would recommend him highly.


Jordy Riccardi and Staff

My husband and I just completed our trust/estate/wills and powers of attorney with Jordan Riccardi. His advice and assistance were professional and knowledgeable. He listened to all of our concerns and helped direct us to the final portfolio. We are completely satisfied and grateful. This can be a long and tedious process but he managed to make it simple.

We are currently working with him and a member of his firm on an agricultural designation for our farm. Again, we are confident that it will be handled professionally.

I will continue to contact him in the future for any of out legal needs. Even if it is not within his realm of expertise, I know he will direct us to the appropriate attorney. For several years we had worked with Tom Hopkins who retired. We were very satisfied with Tom and were worried about the change. Jorddy stepped up and has risen to the occasion and has made a very seamless transition for us.


Jordy Riccardi

Attorney Jordan Riccardi has been wonderful! I previously had a very unpleasant experience working with an out-of-town law office and was cringing at the thought of working with another attorney, but Attorney Riccardi was such a breath of fresh air. He is extremely personable (feels like you are talking with an old friend) and he explains the legal process in simplified terms without talking down to his clients. He returns phone calls and emails in a very timely manner and he filed all the necessary paperwork quickly and accurately. A family member of mine also used Attorney Riccardi and was very happy as well-you won’t be disappointed. If all businesses were run like Attorney Riccardi runs his practice, it would be a much less stressful world. Thank you, Attorney Riccardi!

Mary Jo

Jordy Riccardi and Staff

Mr. Riccardi helped me with a summary administration after my dad’s passing. It was clear from the beginning that Mr. Riccardi listened to my specific situation and was giving me advice that would benefit me based on what I told him – he treated me like a person and not just a faceless small client.

All of my dealings with Mr. Riccardi were pleasant and on an appropriate time table – in fact there were a few times when he just reached out to advise that he was still working on things. All of our interactions were on the phone or via email because I am out of state but that didn’t make it seem at all like my issue was less important to him.

His assistant (Cindy Burke) is also really kind. I was super happy with the service I received.


Icard Merrill

If you have a legal problem and need assistance, this is the place.


Jordy Riccardi and Staff

We were so very pleased with the knowledge and professionalism of Jordan Riccardi! He always took his time in explaining the complexities of wills, trusts, and power of attorney to us… while doing this in a time manner and being very friendly and understanding. The office staff was very accommodating with all of our needs as well. We would highly recommend him to any that would need his professional services!


Real Estate Group

Had our house closing done by them, and was really impressed. They are strictly by the book (which is exactly what you want when closing a house sale), but they go our of their way to make a rather scary event comfortable.

Our closing was supposed to start at 10 and be done by lunch, and due to repeated errors by our mortgage company, it dragged out until 5pm. Throughout the time in (Icard Merrill’s) office, they were open, honest, and put so much effort into our closing, leaving no doubt that it would have fallen through without them.

Thanks so much for everything you did for us!