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sarasota divorce attorney

Family Law and Divorce

At Icard Merrill, family is a priority. We understand that when families change, the emotional impact on each and every member can make it difficult, if not impossible, to render sound and objective decisions. Along with the compassion and support of your friends and family, you also need a qualified and highly reputable family and domestic relations law attorney by your side. Our family law group possesses the knowledge and countless years of experience to successfully guide you through the legal issues and court proceedings necessary to resolve family changes.

Our family law attorneys are accomplished and well regarded within the Florida community in all aspects of their field.

We strive to resolve family and domestic relations law cases through mediation proceedings or other negotiations whenever possible. Although our talented family law litigators remain prepared to aggressively advocate your interests in the courtroom, given the emotionally charged and stressful nature of domestic relations matters, we make every effort to successfully negotiate a fair and amicable resolution of your case. A successful mediation also allows you to move forward with the next chapter in your life swiftly and confidently.

In the event mediation proves unsuccessful, our highly skilled and respected family law attorneys will aggressively pursue your interests – working closely with qualified experts such as forensic accountants, business valuators, and psychologists – to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.


Family Law


Jaime L. Wallace, Family Law Divorce Attorney

Jaime L. Wallace

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Lindsey Meshberger, Sarasota Divorce Attorney

Lindsey A. Meshberger

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Bianca Manos, Sarasota Divorce Attorney

Bianca N. Manos

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