Family Law and Divorce

Equitable Distribution and Division of Property

At Icard Merrill, our attorneys have the established experience and knowledge of all facets of divorce law, including the legal division of property or assets, known as “equitable distribution.” “Equitable” distribution does not necessarily mean “equal” distribution, and is determined based upon a number of factors and considerations.

With decades of experience handling family law matters, our attorneys possess a keen understanding of this complicated evaluation and appreciate the various factors measured by the courts upon classification of property as marital or non-marital, as well as the particular legal nuances associated with this process. The skilled representation Icard Merrill’s family law group provides is critical in ensuring that assets are protected to the full extent of the law, particularly in high net worth divorces and those involving large marital estates.

Despite the multiple layers of asset and liability division, it is important to keep in mind that emotions may interfere with the rational and reasonable separation of property and liabilities. Our attorneys guide clients through the emotional pitfalls of divorce proceedings while providing a constant source of calm and objective attentiveness to the legal issues at hand.