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Child Relocation

At Icard Merrill, we recognize that circumstances change. From time to time throughout their lives, people relocate – whether to seize a new employment opportunity or to live closer to friends or family. However, Florida law dictates that, in the absence of an agreement regarding relocation and related time-sharing, the primary custodial parent must initiate the appropriate legal action to obtain the court’s permission to relocate.

The child relocation attorneys at Icard Merrill are skilled and experienced in handling these actions, both on behalf of the relocating parent and the parent contesting the relocation. Relocation disputes are often difficult to resolve. However, at Icard Merrill we consider the interests of all parties – primarily the best interests of the children – in a committed effort to effectively settle relocation controversies, when possible.

If court proceedings become a reality, our talented family law litigators appreciate the many factors considered by Florida courts in making a relocation determination and the relative importance and particular nuances of these factors, and advocate for the best possible outcome in your relocation case.

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