Mobile Home and Manufactured Housing

Statutory and Administrative Regulation

The mobile home and manufacturing housing industry is subject to a unique set of laws and is highly regulated by federal, state, and local governmental agencies. At Icard Merrill, our mobile home and manufactured housing law attorneys are experienced and thoroughly versed on all applicable current laws and regulations as well as related state and local politics and industry issues. With this advanced knowledge, we provide our clients skilled interpretation of these complex laws. Our accomplished attorneys also represent clients in a comprehensive range of compliance matters before the Florida Department of Business and Regulation (DBPR), the presiding regulatory agency. Some of the prevailing laws governing this industry include:

Chapter 513, Florida Statutes

Chapter 513, Florida Statutes, delineates laws governing mobile home and recreational vehicle parks, including permitting requirements, as well as park rules and regulations and related enforcement. Our skilled mobile home and manufactured housing law practice group has a keen understanding and knowledge of the application and function of this law as it pertains to mobile home and manufactured housing law clients’ rights and obligations.

Chapter 723, Florida Statutes

Chapter 723, Florida Statutes, was enacted by the Florida Legislature to address the unique relationship between mobile home park owners and mobile home owners and is designed to preserve and protect the rights of these parties on a full range of issues, including rental increases and evictions. At Icard Merrill, our proficient mobile home and manufactured housing law attorneys have a comprehensive appreciation of the intricacies and nuances of Chapter 723 and the particular communities which fall within the ambit of this law.

Federal Fair Housing Act

The Federal Fair Housing Act imposes strict conditions on housing providers, including mobile home and manufactured park owners. Icard Merrill offers counseling and training to mobile home and manufactured housing law clients on fair housing and discrimination issues. Our experienced attorneys also defend clients regarding a wide range of fair housing complaints, including reasonable accommodations and age 55 plus requirements.

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